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What's New on the Charleston Coast?
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

2203 Palm Boulevard

I hope you'll take a look at this video about one of my "best buys."

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# posted by Betty Poore @ 12:01 PM

The Last Supper - online

Today's proof that the Internet is a wondrous thing?

The Last Supper is now online in all its glory. Sixteen billion pixels - that's 10x a photo taken with a good digital camera - the site allows us to scale the painting, inspect the details, the corners, the faces, the subtleties.

I'll never get this close to the actual painting when Mark and I visit Italy next year. You have to see this.

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# posted by Betty Poore @ 8:28 AM

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a buyer's market, that's for sure

Pendulums swing, said Roger Miller in a song Mark remembers (not me; I'm too young). That's sure the case when it comes to the real estate market.

In all my years I don't think I've seen a buyer's market quite like this one. It's not desperate, at least not here in the Lowcountry, but among sellers it's quite active. "Should we lower the price?" "How can we stand out?"

One of my sellers recently lowered her price by almost 10% AND promised to guarantee rental income next year. She's not desperate, just opportunistic, she says. "The home has appreciated significantly over the years. Now I want to sell it. I have a different investment objective now," she says.

"Buyers pounce as homes go on the block" is the headline of an article in today's New York Times. Yes, I think buyers are making a comeback. And many sellers are welcoming them with open arms.

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# posted by Betty Poore @ 5:42 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A new pricing model on the way?

A fascinating phenomenon is taking place in the music business. If you use iTunes with your iPod, you already know it. Ninety-nine cents for a single song, $9.99 for most every full album ... digital downloads have changed the face of music.

Now the rock band Radiohead has gone one step further. On their website, Radiohead is offering its new album, "In Rainbows," direct to us. And - get this - we decide what price we'll pay. Even $0.

Yes, you read that right: even $0.

According to an editorial in today's New York Times, about 33% of the first million downloaders actually paid nothing. The average was about $8 (not far, interestingly, from iTunes normal $9.99).

Maybe real estate's pricing (and payment) models aren't that far behind.

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# posted by Betty Poore @ 4:22 PM

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mother Nature takes a bite

Everyone loves the beach, and Mother Nature is no exception. Over the past few years she has been taking her normal "bite" at our sand dunes in the winter and, unfortunately, continuing her feast on our shoreline in the summer. The result is that Wild Dunes has experienced severe erosion at the north end of the island, affecting the Links golf course, condominiums and homes. It is not a pretty picture.

As always, there are at least two sides to every situation, and this is no exception. Do we renourish the beach and protect owners' and Destinations Wild Dunes' properties, or let Mother Nature have her way? This question is hotly debated, and whatever the decision, Mother Nature is not waiting around to hear it.

I'll keep you posted. This isn't going away.

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# posted by Betty Poore @ 5:31 PM

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